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Spirituality , protection and purification against evil

Think you're the victim of a spell without your knowledge. Think you're a victim of spiritual wickedness or jealousy by a loved one or friend (s) . Cherif AIDARA offers desenvoutement and purification of your body, mind and home. I can treat you remotely with your date of birth and picture.
Purification and protection  for your business,  home. Problems linked to spirituality.
I have a supernatural gift to protect you against rival  , enemies , people wishing you harm. My care is based on respect and satisfaction.
98% effective
Price: 50 Euro for single consultation
€ 250 including:
- Analysis of your situation
- Release of chakras

- Materials used for the ritual ( novena candles, incense, essential oil , virgin olive oil , pearl , silver, gold, coal , salt, river water, sea and lake, mirror , eggs, astronomical calculates prayers ... )

To make appointment contact me at : +336.
Email soinonaturel@hotmail.fr